Picking a Plane


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Nov 17, 2014
With some careful thought while planning the a/c systems, the vast majority of circuit protections don't need to be within reach (parse the regs carefully).

I have two circuit breakers in my RV7's panel; one to control each alternator. And they do double duty as switches. Everything else is on one of two fuse buses, which are hidden below/behind the panel.

BTW, six buses in a single engine piston a/c is pretty insane, by any standard. How is a single pilot supposed to manage that if there's an electrical issue?




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May 25, 2015
Don't forget to also be prepared for the 'perfect' aircraft to be introduced soon after you become committed to your first choice of aircraft. Went through all this years ago and settled on the 750 STOL. I like STOL capability, but it wasn't a major requirement by any means. I wanted a bit higher cruise than what the STOL offered, but as others have amply mentioned, almost any choice will be a compromise of sorts. Sure enough, not very long after my STOL kit purchase, they introduced the 750 Cruzer, which was pretty much just what I had been looking for. Finances weren't healthy enough at the time to absorb the loss from selling the STOL kit, and then switching to the Cruzer, so I stuck with what I had. It doesn't bother me much anymore. I've always been a low and slow, enjoy the scenery type of guy anyway. I don't really anticipate much cross country, but it will still be better than a road trip as long as I pack light. So now I'm happy with my choice again. Just be prepared for something better to come out after you've committed to another aircraft. An unfortunate axiom is that there will always be something better coming out when it isn't convenient.

I will note though, before I began to fear flunking a third class medical and losing my flying privileges permanently, the Bearhawk was my hands down first choice. It still would be if I was confident in passing a medical. Wasn't looking forward to doing fabric work, but the capabilities of that aircraft were just too good to pass up.
Fabric work isn't too hard and now there's basic med. Ok I'm an instigator