New propeller

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Apr 28, 2010
Memphis, TN
Let’s hold a second. Read this C150 instructions from here.

You have an O200. Still put TDC#1. The prop should end up in the same place when stopped but because Continental uses a back cylinder for #1,I screwed up thinking Lycoming.

O-200 tailwind is a rare beast these days.

Doran Jaffas

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Jun 25, 2019
Will do.

Will do. So far I am very pleased. Flying again Sunday and Monday I hope. The cruise comes back with slightly higher RPM. Climb is " wow". Engine and propeller are within perimeters. Throttle back in high cruise to keep from over-revving the engine but even at it's highest the engine is still within spec and prop is .85 of mach.
Another note..
Keep us posted on the difference....jeff
Recently I went into a 2,200 ft strip. The landing I was sure about. The take off was quick due to the propeller. Even though it turns on the high side, I am going to keep it for the climb performance.