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Is it a question of proportions? Water hull shape and water handling?

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Well-Known Member
Apr 7, 2020
Most of me is in IL but my hearts in Alaska
It seems to me like the lake buccaneer has a lot to offer , short field takeoff on the ground ,fairly high load ability and reasonable performance.

BUT And this is a huge butt in a seaplane, I have heard that it’s water handling shows a propensity for porpoising and a lack of ability in rough water.

Would the lengthening the hull one or two or a few feet change that?

Or is a whole new hull shape really needed?

Is there an experimental that one could build to get the same performance as the lake buccaneer with better water handling?

Better yet is there something out there with the same four seats, 600 foot takeoff roll at gross weight, and even higher useable load, and better water handling?

Sadly in my world what I really need is something that will let me load 1200 pounds and four seats, Carry a couple hundred pounds of camping gear and still load two or 300 pounds of fuel while boasting extraordinary water handling .

Is there anything like that I can build or buy?