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Will Aldridge

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Oct 30, 2009
Northern Utah
Well I don't have many pictures (not really a shutterbug) but I'll give my all time favorite plane a shot at being in the calendar. And as it is a lot of the inspiration for my airplane I guess that makes is appropriate for the homebuilt theme.


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Jul 29, 2005
Orange County, California
So can we get an definition of what is considered to be Hi Res....
Fully-compatible with print work would be, assuming an 11" wide page, 3300 pixels wide visible image, at placed size and cropping. That could go down as far as 1870 pixels in images without a lot of hard edges, but anything below that is going to start showing severe pixel edges in the final print. Upsampling your image to meet these specs will only make it soft. (You can't generate detail that's not there to begin with.) Note that this is standard prepress specifications (300dpi at placed size.). I have no idea what Jake has in mind for actually printing these specific calendars, so it may vary up or down a little depending upon the technology involved.