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  • Hi JIC,

    Did you ever build the Bounsall Super Proscpector? I have an old set of plans, but not the re-drawn plans.

    Thanks for the usefull commet- I had no idea about it- luckly its not brazig the 4130 but rather brazing the steel bushings inside the 4130 tube- so that they will not move inside the tube (sideways).
    Your commet however is much appreciated and rarely we see people here that care ...
    Thanks JIC !!
    It was a big move, but it worked out without a single problem. I'm already half way done with the hanger:) it's suposed to be 50 * 50 when done should be plenty of room for the 185. I was lucky enough to be able to start flying at a young age (6) and get a good job with NetJets in 85 flying the hawker, and then with the Textron Inc in 90 flying as the "private" pilot and in 96 went on to fly for Beechcraft as a test pilot, 2001 went on with Cessna. As of now I'm with Gulfstream. At some points I regret going to company after company, it was hard on me and my family moving around the country, since the kids are out of the house, me and the wife are looking forward to travel.
    Have you recieved my message. I've had some "online" problems with my computer and most the time can't send anything.
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