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Electronic Fuel Injection for 2-stoke

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Well-Known Member
Apr 13, 2015
Has anyone installed one of these systems on a 503 (or similar engine)?


I'm interested in it for both improved fuel efficiency and not having to constantly adjust my carbs between seasons. (I live in Canada and fly in temps ranging from 35C all the way down to -15C. (95F to 5F)

The system is listed at $600 but since I run dual carbs, I guess I'm looking at closer to $1200. I currently spend about $20/hr in fuel. If it cuts the fuel consumption by a quarter, I'd have to fly 240 hours just for the system to pay for itself. That's 2 years of flying for me. So in that regard, it's sort of worth it. But I'm not sure if that's a realistic expectation or not. But not having to constantly adjust the carbs would definitely make it worthwhile for me.

The other concern I have: if you reduce the fuel consumption, do you not also reduce the available lubrication for the engine? How low can you safely go in a 2-stroke before you start to see accelerated wear?