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Books: Adhesion Science

Nov 14, 2009
Rocky Mountains
Ran across 2 books today dealing with adhesives and adhesion science of which I was completely unaware.
They are both $600 books, but if you have an *___*.edu address, or know where to look, they can be downloaded.
2032 pages total, so I obviously haven't read all that much, but from what I've scanned and read I think anyone interested in this subject would find them useful.
I'm personally finding the first volume quite fascinating. It explains, with math*, a lot of how I've visualized adhesively bonded joints to work at both the macro and micro levels.

Adhesion Science and Engineering - 1
Adhesion Science and Engineering -2
Both by A. V Pocius and titled "Surfaces, Chemistry & Applications".

Just thought some of the other 'glue nerds' might find these interesting as well.

* He does a pretty good job of presenting the material in a way that the math really isn't needed to understand the concepts.
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