BEACHDRAGON, a fun project. Low aspect ratio-BSLD-ridge soaring.


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Jun 8, 2016
Near Antwerp, Belgium
My mind connected a few ideas. Might be fun.
Fun on the beach while ridge soaring the dunes. Not a paraglider, but a inflatable hangglider with stick control. What if we combine a rather low aspect ratio with a thick root chord with the technology used in recent surf kites? And using a BSLD (non-lineair twist like in Prandtl-designs or Horten designs) to keep the wingtips as unloaded as possible so the airtubes can handle the forces. I do think that airtubes and internal ropes can be enough to hold this structure in shape.
Get the pilot inside the wing (proned or seated (like in Klingberg Wing Mk I)) and the airsuchions might be a good protection during rougher landings.

What do you get? A birdlike (ooooh yes, those non-lineair lines suuuuure will give it a bird-look) glider that will amaze the walkers at the beach.
Here a few images just to trigger your fantasy.

Airfoil at root is here the NM89C.
2022-11-04 BEACHDRAGON 01.PNG 2022-11-04 BEACHDRAGON 02.PNG
a 1/3 scale model in above drawing.
2022-11-04 BEACHDRAGON 03.jpg
Above: Example of current surf kite. Would those airtubes be enough to get a very thick wing rigid?
2022-11-04 BEACHDRAGON 04.jpg
Might trigger as much smile as here in this picture.
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