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  • When I place the cursor over the title of a thread in the unread page, a pop up appears showing the original message in the thread.

    Is there a setting to disable that function?


    Why are you holding on the title if you don't want to see the preview? Or are you wanting to see something other part of the thread when you hover over a title?
    Why is your search feature not producing any results? I am trying to get connected to people who are using the Mazda Rotary Engine and I can't find anything.
    It would have been nice if you had posted this in a forum or sent a private conversation as I would have seen it sooner. But, the search feature is now fixed. You will get results if you use the Mazda search you want.
    Dear Admin, please tell me how can I add posts to my own thread ? Currently (even I have an annual subscription) - I don't have sufficient privileges to post into my own thread. Your navigation guidance would be much appreciated
    Ahoy, Admin,
    I have tried to paste a file, (a .dwg which I had copied) and am unable to do such ??????
    The below info pasted OK
    Now what?
    Thanks /s/ Bob

    Robert H. Belter Captain US Navy (Ret)
    4105 Canada ct.
    Carmel CA 93923
    Ph 831 250 5095
    Email rhbelter@comcast.net
    EAA # 8444 EAA Technical Counselor # 4561 EAA CH 204
    Quiet Birdman 33672 CVV
    I do see that the dwg extension is allowed. What size is the file?
    Hi just logging in so no to lose my place. I am in the proses of covering my ultra pup with yellow oratex , makes a beautiful job. C Ù
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