AirVenture 2022: Where have all the Ultralights gone?

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Bille Floyd

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Sep 26, 2019
Up to 24lbs, excluded

Which leaves plenty extra , for a Bang-chute ; Thanks !!

I'm not so lucky with reserves .
Last time i tossed laundry at 450AGL at Torrey pines
CA ; I had to pull it all the way back in , and re-deploy it.
That was 1990

Hold On ; the story gets better :
Second time around , tossing the same chute , it got caught
up in the carnage, and
The bottom of the reserve, got hung up on a broken bolt for
the rudder on my Fledge ll-B ; looked up and that is what i
saw , as the top of the cliff went by in my peripheral vision.

The reserve opened anyway , hanging on that bolt , then
immediately collapsed ; slowed
my decent rate just enough so that Bille could live.

That is what I get, for showing off for my girlfriend ; she
was so pissed , I didn't even get Laid that night . :(



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Jun 7, 2020
KCMO, midwestern USA
FAA has made it difficult to get training in a 2 seat ultralight, which now must be registered as light sport a/c, & only flown or instructed in by a licensed "Light Sport" pilot/instructor. Most light sport a/c now are certified, factory built, and much different [heavier, faster, with a higher stall speed than 2 seat "ultralight" looking/types.
It has been estimated about 10,000 2 seat ultralights were not registered as light sport, & thus grounded, & 1000's of low cost/free instructors stopped instructing.
Many, many ten's of thousands of people started flying in U/L 's - one U/L company sold 14,000 U/Ls, and there used to be 50-100 U/L companies.
What is different about the light sport instructor? Aren't CFIs automatically qualified to teach lower certificates? Seems like a PPL let's you fly LSA with no problem.


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Apr 28, 2010
Memphis, TN
What a PPL might not be ready for is taking over during takeoff and landing. Depends on their comfort. Also if a PPL crashes doing this, insurance and the FAA would be frowning.