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Airplane for the Common Denominator

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Tiger Tim

Well-Known Member
Apr 26, 2013
Thunder Bay
Alright, it turns out the ‘common man’ is an impossible target to pinpoint so how about boiling it down to a common denominator. The most affordable practical airplane that tosses out all special lifestyle cases. I think it needs to at least do the following:

-Comfortably seat one pilot
-Travel faster than driving
-Use a common enough reliable engine that’s mogas-friendly and not a never ending science experiment
-Be easy enough to fly, capable of straight-forward pilot transition from a common type
-Be resilient enough to survive outside tie down in any US state without needing major refurbishment
-Designed for scratch building using common tools and ordinary raw materials and hardware

Does that sound about right? The idea is that making it is very much pay-as-you-go, and keeping and operating it once finished are reasonably straightforward. I can actually think of three designs off the top of my head that probably fit the bill but I’m curious what input others may have.