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The ramp queen...

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Well-Known Member
Aug 15, 2018
Victor Bravo suggested a thread for this odd bird so here goes. I put it in the bush forum, so you guys can join in ... call me a bone head, give off airport or other advice or anything else... my skin is pretty leathery.
The plane was built 20 years ago, the builder went west, it ended up in pa and was finished and first flown and then sold to a you tube personality here in UT via ebay.
Turns out it had a cracked motor mount that was found and addressed by a local ia. He repaired several other issues and added the larger h stab.
As an interesting twist to another purchase we ended up with this bird as well, so it ended up as a two birds one stone deal.
Once home our IA Rio found several issues.
As it was powered by a 220hp frank it didn't have a large enough fuel supply... we replaced the whole system, and repaired several other squawks over the course of the last year. We're now insured and flying starts this week.