Storch G BZOB

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Jun 5, 2008
BZOB was built by John Ashby, but he never flew it as far as I know. He appears to have had a difference or two with it's designer Nestor Slepcev.

Nestor was operating out of Australia and has now returned to his native Serbia Montenegro.

There are between 150-200 Storchs worldwide, many delivered as kits (presumably some being in construction) and many as factory built. Still in production.

A large proportion were light weight versions.

BZOB is the heavier version and with its sheeted wings topped the MAUW at 600kg, running on a 912s.

Initially I had some issues with its takeoff performance as I operate out of a short strip and was wondering why BZOB couldn't achieve the often stated take -off roll that I needed.

She seemed sluggish and the tail reluctant to rise.

It became clear that the GT prop was optimised almost ridiculously for cruise and I am about to (hopefiully) fit an, out of character, three blader-ground adjustable.

She was only producing 85% power on take-off, a recipe for trouble when heavy, hot etc..

I am reverting back to Nestor's recommended prop and expect things to dramatically improve.

Still on a windy day she will take-off tarmac in her own length, solo.

Normally though, two up, I expect a roll of 100m, more on grass.

This may well halve with the right prop, believe it or not.

Cruise is a sedate 70kt.