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    Still can’t decide which one I should buy! I like Hermes, but Prada looks beautiful as well. And there are many more shinning watches. Cartier, Rolex etc. Too many things I want to buy. If you were me, which one do you want best? Oh, yes, the store is the biggest online luxury store. You can find about all brands you knew. rolex oyster perpetual datejust 18k new
    Hi again
    Nils from Sweden writing again.Going thru all info about your Storch I found that you were not the builder.When I visited Nestor my purpose was to fly the Storch but he had another two days work before delivery to Italy and I couldnt wait so long.I have orderd the Microlight with Rotax 912 ULS 100Hp
    and a parachute for the plane.I could see that you had a lousy preformance in Wings over Wales,is it better now.Iwould like to keep in contact with you( if you are interested)
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