SNF LSA Safety Conference billed "A Good First Step"

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Oct 17, 2010
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See: LSA Safety Conference "A Good First Step" - AVweb flash Article

Representatives from the FAA met with industry advocates at Sun 'n Fun on Wednesday to discuss a variety of issues that have arisen regarding light-sport aircraft since the category was created 10 years ago. "We had a very productive three-hour meeting, and the FAA was very responsive," Dan Johnson, president of the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association, told AVweb... main topics of discussion were commercial use of LSA, clarification of some confusing regulations regarding flight instruction, and a recent policy draft that seemingly could prohibit carrying passengers in electric-powered aircraft and aircraft converted from S-LSA to E-LSA... FAA representatives said the way the rules are written don't accurately reflect their policy stand. For example, one regulation has caused confusion about whether the time logged with a sport pilot instructor can later be applied to a private pilot rating. "They said they never meant to imply that it couldn't be, but the way the regulation is written, it's unclear." "... we got these things on the table," Johnson said. "It was just a start, but it was a pretty big first step."