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  1. dragon2knight

    Can a Challenger/Excalibur have folding wings?

    I've been told the wings are removable, but can they or have they ever incorporated a "swing wing" type of folding mechanism? I can share a hanger where I'm moving to and I'm looking into any type of lower cost aircraft that can do this. I have currently found quite a few Challengers I can get...
  2. 1

    New member from TX, USA

    Hello all, I'm in the Central Texas area, originally from Nebraska and have been a certificated private pilot since 2000. It's been a decade since I've been up and I'm really itching to start flying again. Homebuilt aircraft have been a life-long love affair (many, many models built) and I will...
  3. mikeno

    Rans S-6S Super Six

    2005 Rans S6S. E-AB - N654PM - Rans quick-build kit w/Rotax 912ULS 100 hp - Sensenich composite prop - No damage - full logs - 375hrs A&E - New fabric & paint 2015 - Aft & Aux baggage compartments - GRT Avionics EIS 2000A - new elec. fuel pump - Sigtronics 200s Intercom - Icom A200 com - Narco...
  4. M

    Question Regarding LSA Instructors

    It is my understanding that any "Private Pilot" (Subpart H) CFI can provide LSA pilot training (which can count towards private pilot credit), but what are the training/soloing requirements for the aircraft used? Does the aircraft used need to adhere to LSA requirements, or can a normal...
  5. K

    Pterodactyl Ascender x2 Plus Parts in Charleston, SC

    Good day, I have come to the realization that I need to sell these to get more funds for my other project. No use in having so many aircraft, especially when I'm tied down with other priorities and funds are holding me back. I have (2) pterodactyl Ascenders. I have not flown either one of...
  6. K

    Pterodactyl Ascender Ultralight Spare Parts

    Hello all, I have an additional Pterodactyl Ascender that I have decided to probably let go. The sail is in rough shape, but the poles and all other assemblies look good. I have not flown this one. This was included in a deal. I haven't completed an inventory quite yet (wanted to see if anyone...
  7. C


    1993 CHALLENGER II LSA • PRICED FOR FAST SALE • Beautiful 1993 Challenger II, completely rebuilt in 2012 by Greg Klemp of Sheer Technologies. Extremely detailed records/pictures included of rebuild. Rebuild (completed a mere 25 hours ago) included all new fabric, desirable large tail, 70 SMOH...
  8. GlassVampire

    Team Minimax plans now free to download

    Hello all, I didn't see this posted up here yet so I thought my fellow aircraft builders would appreciate it (not that I'm building anything yet!). Plans for the various models of wood-constructed Ultralight, LSA, and Experimental aircraft from Team Minimax (such as the 1100R Mini-Max,Hi-Max...
  9. B

    Allowed to design and build own LSA at home?? Yes? No?

    If a person wants to BOTH design and build their own lsa at home, is that allowed by the Gov? The lsa I'm thinking of is basically a 40 lbs over the limit ultralight, stall around 35 to 40 mph, intended to be used in the same way as a 103, not carry any passengers, 10 gal of fuel. As i...
  10. anvegger

    Blue Sky & Blue Glass Building welcome you

    Good morning HBA folks. My name is Anvegger and I am from Boston MA. Allow me to share with you my plans and my projects, ask some questions if you don't mind and acquire some skills from this valuable resource of talented people. But firstly about anvegger a bit. You can find me here: But I...
  11. T

    Flying a N registration in EU...

    In another thread someone mentioned that planes flying in Europe that are registered in the US get a few advantages... This got me wondering about two things: 1) why would the EASA treat N differently if it's physically flying in Europe? 2) what route could a LSA actually take...
  12. A

    AEROPUP 2 seat LSA Kit

    Hi all Please let me show you our AEROPUP It is sold @19500 USD (FOB AUSTRALIA) and it accomodates Rotax, Continental...etc This is a great airplane designed to be safe and easy with a great reputation inside Australia. If you are thinking on starting a new project please ask me first. Either...
  13. A

    AEROPUP - New plane in town!

    Hi all I´m glad to be here I was wondering if any one knows the Australian AEROPUP and if so, I´l love to know your feelings about it. Happy landings!
  14. B

    VAMPIRE UL, 2-strokies, 300mi RANGE! Wowzers!!!

    Vampire 103 UL has a 300 mi range with a 20hp two stroke engine, cantilever wings, and its the coolest looking UL i have ever seen. Empty 250 and gross 550. Sadler Vampire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  15. B

    Sleeping in an UL during a thunderstorm. Bad idea? OK?

    I've read a few places where people, when either at an airport or in the "woods", sleep next to or IN their UL or LSA. This sounds okay, but what if it is raining or the is thunder and LIGHTENING? If your in something like a Quicksilver then i think you would be likely to get zapped. ULs and...
  16. B

    How much do wings weigh??

    I'm looking at a wing that juts out 12.5ft from the side of the plane. Not decided if its cantilever or braced yet. If it is braced, the brace will attach to wing only 3.5 ft from the fuselage leaving a full 9 ft hanging out there. 4.6ft wide. gross weight plane 580lbs. Trying for 6G max load...
  17. B

    How does an American fly in CANADA??????

    There is soooo much wilderness and flying country in Canada it calls to me. I can imagine ultralight flying in Ontario or British Columbia. I read that their definition of an ultralight is a bit different and they require a license. Can I get one as an American? How does someone in Michigan go...
  18. dcstrng

    SNF LSA Safety Conference billed "A Good First Step"

    See: LSA Safety Conference "A Good First Step" - AVweb flash Article Representatives from the FAA met with industry advocates at Sun 'n Fun on Wednesday to discuss a variety of issues that have arisen regarding light-sport aircraft since the category was created 10 years ago. "We had a very...
  19. K

    1992 Rand Robinson KR2, complete minus fuel tank, needs finished.

    I have a 1992 Rand Robinson KR2 on tri-gear. Everything except the avionics and fuel tank is there to finish the plane. The plane is 95% complete. Has 1835 Hapi motor with prop spinner, has flaps, hyd brakes, dual pedals, dual sticks, needs front deck, cowl and canopy installed. Then needs...
  20. S


    2009 ARION LIGHTNING • $69,500 • PRICE SLASHED • Experimental Amateur Home Built. Meets Light Sport Operating Parameters. 65-TT, Jabiru 3300 120-HP Engine, Complete Logs, NDH, Conditional Inspection Performed JAN 2013, Hangared at 60J in NC. 30 Gallons Fuel Capacity, Extended Wingtips, Speed...