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New electric project

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Well-Known Member
Sep 27, 2020
For those who don't know me, I have built many electric aircraft, some of which I have shared plublicly :) The E-Gull and the eXenos are my two most well known and are spectacular performers, filling their missions perfectly.



I now have a new opportunity to build a plane around a 100kW powerplant with 20kWh battery, it weighs ~400lbs all together. I think it will be too heavy for a conversion of single seat plane, like an RV-3 or Onex, but should be fine in a normal Sonex or other 2 seater, if you give up the 2nd passenger weight and allocate to the battery. For example, I would expect the Sonex to weigh about 820lbs ready to fly, leaving 330lbs usefully load.

I think the Sonex would be a good platform, and it would likely be the most power ever put into a Sonex (150HP!). This should make for an exhilarating platform for basic acro and perhaps some electric air racing if that ever happens.

I haven't yet pulled the trigger on the airframe, so if anyone has any others to consider please let me know!