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Kolb Firestar

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New Member
Mar 11, 2023
Hello from Iowa!
I fly a Kolb Firestar that I completed back in 1996. This is an older 1985 (5 rib) version that I purchased from an older farmer who started but never finished the build.
I made the 'bucket list' flight to Oshkosh in 2004, and even got to meet Homer Kolb! (waiting in line for breakfast one morning) and ended up in the Airventure DVD for that year! (last scene before the credits roll) Glory days, but I digress...
My little 'bluebird of happiness' has a Rotax 377 w/ 2.58:1 B-box swinging a big stick 66x28 Tennessee.
Unfortunately time and the elements have taken its toll on that old wood and I need to replace the prop. I am looking for suggestions/recommendations for a replacement prop. 2-blade?, 3 blade?, length? pitch?, wood?, composite? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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