How safe is safe enough?


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Jul 15, 2010
Fayetteville, AR / USA people are constructing indestructible crash proof vehicles (......Steve!....)

And I'm working on a death trap.

I have wet wings....leading edges. The first thing to take damage in a crash, and I'm surrounded by some 1X1X.125 angle and 30 thou aluminum sheet. Not much energy absorption to speak of. At least the landing speed is reasonable, the canopy is big enough for me to wear a brain bucket, and there is a roll over structure.

Basically I see this as a flying motorcycle. I'm OK with the risk.

People who ride Harleys understand they are not in a Mercedes M class...I think.

Thing is physics makes me do the things I do design wise. Otherwise I would have to increase the gross wt A LOT to gain a fairly small margin that would only help in limited scenarios.

Fact is if you hit the ground at a substantial vertical angle...with a speed greater than about 65 are toast. The Earth is HARD!!

Unless we use some sort of giant external airbag with radar activation and retro rockets...which isn't a bad idea...for Steve's mochine, but I don't have the weight margin.

I'm not trying to pick a fight, just want to know peoples thoughts.

So my question many of you want the M class and how many want the Harley?