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  • Steve, have you looked at the CH750 with regard to the cabin integrity issues you mention with the 701? All of the stupid 701 crashes I've seen pictures of seemed to have a fairly bent cabin but without serious injury (except the tragedy in Sweden, I wonder what was done wrong.) The latest CH750 crash in Bosnia seems to have been an unlicensed 65 year old builder-pilot who clipped some trees.
    I live on the far west side of Anderson and base out of I72 (Westfield). I would like to hear or see more about the plane I have heard you mention designing. Even if it is just a sketch or CAD drawing. I think we all have a design on the back burner. I have been working on a plane on the "old" CAD program at work on my lunches. BTW, we have a nice UL/LSA/EAA club that meets the second Wed. of the month at 6:30p and fly to brunch 8:00a Sat. if that kind of thing interests you. Blue skies, Scott.
    Steve, as long as your not an evil drunk and don't smoke, I see no reason why not.
    I will explain how I do it and leave it up to you how much involved you want to be.
    I go up on the previous Wednsday and secure 2, 3, or more depending on who wants
    to pay for the extra days. Then a bunch more people filter in as the week goes on.
    We usually end up across the street from the souvenir store by the out door ford
    theater. If that expense isnt' in this years budget, no problem, just let me know
    how much space you need, and we will fit you in.
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