Fueling system replacement, what would you do?


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Aug 15, 2018
Around a month ago we bought a pzl frank 220hp powered 801..

An Interesting issue reared it's head on the condition inspection I'm working towards completing on the 801. My IA pointed out my fuel supply lines may be a bit too small (3/8) ID. Neither he or I were comfortable with the rubber auto fuel lines used to connect the tanks to the solid lines in the fuse. That is what prompted the question, "are these lines to small for the application?" .

Further research indicates other a/c's with this PP utilize 1/2" lines and the 43.13 suggests the lines it was built with are too small.

I understand that ex aircraft are not necessarily held to the 43.13, but this looks like a solid benchmark to aim for. I looks like a complete retrofit is in order...

Speed seal was suggested as a good option, it looks like a good one, what do you experienced builders think?