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May 8, 2010
Designing / Building your own design? Here's a great start!

  • 4130 Welded Airframe
  • Side by Side Seating
  • Airframe was originally a Merlin GT (motor mounts are set up for a Rotax 912ULS, NO engine included!)
  • Airframe has 150 Total Time

  • Fuselage w/ Vertical Fin & Rudder
  • Stabilizers / Elevators
  • Door Frames, Left & Right
  • Cowling (Fiberglass), Upper and Lower
  • Main Wheels / Tires / Matco Toe Brakes & Matco Tailwheel
This was a flyable aircraft. The owner retired from flying, and due to liability concerns of the owner the registration was left to expire, and he ordered the aircraft dismantled and sold for parts. The wings were highly modified, therefore they were destroyed and are NOT part of the sale. No logbooks. What you see here is what you get. Aircraft was local to me, I originally assisted with the construction of the aircraft.

These parts are located at Valkaria Airport (X59) on Florida's SpaceCoast, just 10 miles south of Melbourne. Pickup ONLY, No shipping. If you purchase and are attending Sun N Fun, I will hold the airframe for you to pickup after the show. By car, Valkaria is 2 hrs directly east of Lakeland Linder Airfield. $1500.00 cash takes it. (321) 253 9434 or [email protected]



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Aug 13, 2014
turlock, CA USA
Hello, I assume these parts were sold already, but i thought i'd take a shot in the dark.

if sold, do you know who bought it so i may contact them to see if they did anything with it? I am looking for a merlin project to occupy my time. If you have any dimensions or build info i would greatly appreciate it.

thank you


Victor Bravo

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HBA Supporter
Jul 30, 2014
KWHP, Los Angeles CA, USA
Project... did you say you wanted a project ?!?!

addicted2climbing on this forum has a Piel Emeraude project, the entire wing is built beautifully. All wood for fuselage.

I have a Part 103 J-3 Kitten / J-4 Sportster that needs very little repair, still covered. A real steel tube airplane that meets Part 103.

Toobuilder on this forum has a hotrod back country Experimental Pacer project at a STEAL price.

On this forum alone you can find projects galore!