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  1. cblink.007

    L-V Aeronautics Flying Wing Project Back On!!

    First, on behalf of the L-V group, I wish to sincerely apologize to the forum here. The last 10 months have been extraordinarily trying, requiring us to temporarily shelve the project while we attended to a myriad of personal matters that frankly overwhelmed the whole team! We have received...
  2. C

    Best spar construction/attachment for strength. Acrobatic wing design

    What is the best spar attachment for strength for wing load? Also should the wing be one piece, going through the fuselage with a one piece spar going from wing tip to wing tip? How are acrobatic aircraft wings/spars constructed and attached to allow such a heavy wing load?
  3. A

    Part 103 low speed ultralight glider design (wing)

    I need ideas of wing system for ultralight glider (such as Chanute, EasyRiser or Primary Instruction Glider) (may be biplane) low speed (25 - 40 hm/h) , weight of glider < 40 kg). My idea is next: biplane (wingspan - 6m, wing chord - 1.2m), S1210 airfoill...
  4. SVSUSteve


    These are the books I have available if anyone needs me to look something up in them. The ones marked with an asterisk (*) are hard copy only. Thurston: Design for Flying* Thurston: Design for Safety* (I keep joking that I need to write an updated version of this) A. J. Kundu: Aircraft Design...
  5. D

    Patenting a design

    How do you decide whether or not an airplane design should be patented?
  6. birdus

    Wing design for lightest possible wing

    If I wanted to build the lightest possible wing, how would it be constructed? For my sake, I'm thinking about a strut-braced wing, a la Luscombe 8 or Cessna 152. I'm thinking that the spars would be according to Jim Marske's designs: composite web or sandwich web, with the caps being made from...
  7. D

    Move along - nothing to see here

    Bye There is an important omission in the calculations for the "Constraint Analysis". Put there on purpose to see what would happen. All of the calculations are simple "hand, closed-form" calculations any high school algebra student should easily follow. Since no one commented on any of them, I...
  8. L

    What would be a reasonable CLmax estimate for the USA35A thick, high-lift airfoil?

    Hi, I'm trying to choose airfoils and establish wing dimensions (and high lift devices if needed) for my design. I have a low stall speed requirement (Vs0 = 42km/h [with flaps]), so I'm looking into high-lift airfoils with good stall and thick enough for a light spar. I'm trying to balance CLmax...
  9. L

    Looking for someone experienced to help me with my first "simple" airplane design

    Hi, I'm a high-school student just doing my finals next month. For a long time, I wanted to design and build airplanes, but had insufficient funds, time and workshop space. I did not waste my time though. Over the past year, I've been building model aircraft and studying aerodynamics. I've read...
  10. recmob

    Experimental Aircraft / Homebuilt Fuselage

    Designing / Building your own design? Here's a great start! 4130 Welded Airframe Side by Side Seating Airframe was originally a Merlin GT (motor mounts are set up for a Rotax 912ULS, NO engine included!) Airframe has 150 Total Time Includes: Fuselage w/ Vertical Fin & Rudder Stabilizers...
  11. L

    Greetings from an aspiring designer!

    Hello everyone! :) I have scored thousands of hours in WWII aviation combat games over a past few years and I got hooked forever... Since then I've been learning, building and flying model airplanes (crashed a lot of them) and now comes the moment of truth: can I build a real airplane? I'm on...
  12. B

    Various beginner questions

    What is the most complete book about design/theory and construction of a aircraft? Doesnt have to be gear toward a certain type of aircraft. Lots of graphics preferred. As far as aircraft aluminum for the wings, spar, frame, fuselage etc..., what type of aluminum is used? Where can this...
  13. L

    What tools do you use for design work?

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member, been lurking for a while so let me know if I'm breaking any posting rules. It looks like a lot of people on this forum are doing designs from scratch. I've been working on some homebuilt designs and I've got some questions about the processes you guys use to work...
  14. G

    Wing In Ground Effect Craft Design

    I would like to discuss the different aerodynamic designs of wig craft. Any insight or information would be greatly appreciated. To get the conversation started I am interested in a longer range craft powered by twin engines, either Chevrolet motors or aircraft motors. A craft that is similar to...
  15. T

    22 hp V Twin Predator engine ultralight Aircraft (IDEA/project) ICON A5 REPLICA

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. So I've been planning on building my own ultralight for quite some time now. And although I wouldn't mind just buying a used one, I really just want to design one myself. I would like to post my idea for what I'm doing here and see if I can get some useful...
  16. C

    Wanting to build the cheapest off the shelf safest aircraft: Rigging

    Could anyone give me links to pictures and/or diagrams of very basic aircraft rigging. Just enough to get the job done and be able to maneuver in the air. Thank you for any help you can give me. P.S., there should be a seperate category on the subject of rigging. How do I make a new category on...
  17. K-Rigg

    Need something custom made?

    Post it up on and get vendors to bid on the project for you. No obligation and free to use for all! Sign up as a customer, vendor, or both. Thanks
  18. A

    my project

    hello. my name is Alberto. I share with you this idea, do not let me sleep these last days and that as a result achieved in the sketchups materialize. surely I'll be telling my experiences as'm actually doing this my first project. thanks
  19. proppastie

    Basic Aerodynamics Question Total Drag from Glide Polar

    Picking through my second reading of Hiscock and trying to sub my numbers (no surprise) I have problems. His data for the Dox is RN=10,000,000 and my calculations show my bird has RN=1,000,000. (row 7) I am trying to calculate the total drag for HP required in climb at best L/D along with...
  20. karan

    Flying Wing for Search and Rescue

    Hey Guys, I've been working on designing a flying wing UAV since 2 months now. Human search and rescue using an autonomous drone is the prime objective of this project. First Prototype. One of the major aim of our project is to show how a visual human detection system that uses images from a...