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Parts For Sale Downsizing the 'fleet'

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Nov 14, 2009
Rocky Mountains
AKA getting rid of the junk I'll never be able to finish. Up for disposal in Casper Wyoming:

Duster glider project.
Was flyable when I got it. Since then I tried to re-profile the HZ stab and raccoons junked what was left of the canopy I was rebuilding. The rest has been inside 98% of the time. I never got the bill of sale to the FAA and can't find it any more. I'll provide a notarized bill of sale and the FAA CD. N7852R
You remove from the rafters.

1939 Aeronca Chief project - N24215 IIRC - de-registered
Completly disassembled including the 65. Spars are good. the fuselage needs the top aft tube fixed where the hangar fell on it after a tornado. The log books indicate it was out flying 'aerobatics' after the incident - so no other noted damage.
The engine should still all be there. The lifter bodies are in need of replacement and were unobtanium when the engine was disassembled. The crank is 10-10.
One wheel and gear leg were replaced with later model parts at some point.
The original aluminum lift struts are in good shape.
I also have a set of up exhaust cylinders. Per the logs the plane was converted at the factory to down exhaust before delivery.
The backward tach is in pretty good shape with one small dent on the back side. The oil pressure gauge was replaced with an external unit and is missing.
This is NOT a project for someone that just wants a Chief to fly. It is a project for someone that wants a Pre War Chief.

Baby Lakes fuselage and wings
Decent welding on the fuselage.
The wings are/were nearly ready for cover. It came with some of the Continental 65 engine parts.
These may be considered by my brother to be semi common property. He will remove them or I will - one way or the other.

Q-2 tri-gear
Belongs to my brother. He said he had found a local that wanted to build it but it is - still - in my shop. If it were mine I'd cut out the tri-gear parts and saw up the rest.
Might make an interesting lawn art item?

Continental 65 parts
Approximately 2 engines worth of parts. (3 total but one goes with the Chief) Crank conditions unknown. Case and accessory cases are probably serviceable.

Corvair parts
Apx 1 1/2 engines worth. They also belong to my brother. He has indicated that he no longer wants/needs them. If there is interest I'll forward his contact info.
I've set a dead line of the end of July for these items to no longer be part of my life. Open to best offers.
I'll sign whatever notarized bill of sale you might want but will not deal directly with the FAA.

I'll post pictures if/when I get a chance...................or are requested by someone serious about saving these from the land fill.
Yes, I'm in a lousy mood right now.
Sucks when you accept that some of what you really wanted to do is no longer practical or possible.