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Curtiss-Stinson Special

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J.L. Frusha

Well-Known Member
Feb 17, 2006
Luling, Texas
I was researching the Early Bird Jenny and Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, which led me to the Curtiss-Stinson Special (a one-off special order by Miss Katherine Stinson). The plane started as a Curtiss S-1 Speed Scout, to which Miss Stenson had Curtiss Aviation add the tail-feathers and two pair of the lower wings from the JN-4.

In my iteration, I've chosen to use the design of a version without flying-wires (meaning more Struts). It still retains the round radiator of the Speed Scout, but I have sectioned the fuselage for a much sleeker appearance and to help lower weight.

Part of my inspiration comes from the Cubchel and Affordaplane, simplifying construction. Once I can get started, I hope to keep it within FAR Part 103.

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