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Complete system for day VFR but under class B

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Well-Known Member
Mar 28, 2022
Seeking advice on buying a complete avionics system for my 75% complete Zenith STOL 750 for day VFR flying around AZ, but having to operate under the PHX class B.

Background: ATP, CFII, 20 yrs in F-16’s then 6 in airlines. Building 750 STOL from component kits in my garage. Probably a year from flying at my current build pace, likely longer to find hangar space for final assembly.

Mission: Bum around and explore the Arizona backcountry. Take as many friends, neighbors, family, kids, airport bums, etc flying as possible to share the incredible experience of flight.

1. Single unobtrusive display of attitude, airspeed, altitude heading, slip.
2. Simple VHF radio with 2 place intercom.
3. Transponder with ADSB out.
4. ELT.

Would be nice: AOA, ADSB in source to an IPad or dedicated display for traffic in the crazy busy airspace here. Fuel quantity indicator from the output of the supplied Zenith senders. Free standing mag compass.

Don’t need: Engine monitoring. Approach capabilities. Auto-pilot controls. Navigation moving maps. Fuel flow/range calculations.

My idea right now is the uavionix tail beacon X with an AV-30 display/control. A small MGL radio/intercom. Any ELT.

When I’ve looked at the Garmin and Dynon solutions, they seem like overkill and overpriced for my needs, but maybe I’m just being naive? I want to do all wiring/installation myself. I don’t mind waiting and hunting for used components or other “good deals”.

Seeking sage advice, sharp spears, and any ideas to keep price down.