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CGS Hawk Desgner/Builder Chuck Slusarczyk Passes

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Well-Known Member
Aug 8, 2009
Sahuarita Arizona, Renton Washington, USA
Sept 9, 2022 FYI - I received the following message from Chucks wife Nancy.

……. I want to let you know that my darling sweet Chuck past peacefully into God's arms this morning. After 3 years in the nursing home he recently took a serious nosedive about 6 days ago. He was comfortable in hospice and passed very peacefully. We spent the past 6 days keeping vigil at his side talking to him visiting recounting stories. His obituary will be visible online starting tomorrow.

Follow on information from Nancy:

Thank you and yes please post on HBA. His obit will be online today with a far more detailed obit on the website for the funeral home. He passed very peacefully, surrounded by family his final days.
Here's the plan:
Nosek-McCreery Funeral home
8150 Brecksville Rd
Visitation Mon, Oct 3rd, from 4-8p.m.
Mass on Tues, Oct 4th 10 a.m. meet at church
St. Basil The Great in Brecksville, then
Cemetery, and luncheon after.

RIP Chuck.

Please use this forum to post your memories and stories in honor of Chucks fine character. Yes, those of you who knew Chuck, his music, stories and his Muzzle Loader home made Moon Shine will surely agree that he was a fine, interesting and amusing “character “ and a darn good aircraft designer.
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