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are these weights accurate?

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Almost Human
Supporting Member
Jun 27, 2015
Originally Posted by http://www.prekas.nl/subaru.htm
The Subaru range of engines include:

EA-71: 1,6 liter, about 80 hp, about 78 kg(172lbs) dry weight
EA-81: 1,8 liter, 100 to 110 hp, about 85 kg(187lbs) dry weight
EJ-22: 2,2 liter, 130 to 160 hp, about 120 kg(265lbs) dry weight
EJ-25: 2,5 liter, 165 to 200 hp, about 135 kg(298lbs) dry weight
EJ-33: 3,3 liter, 225 to 275 hp, about 160 kg(353lbs) dry weight