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Aug 16, 2013
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Douglas Flat, CA

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    1. wsimpso1

      The wife and I are planning an aerial tour of the west, and I was wondering if we might stop in on you, shake your hand, see your projects, and maybe discuss airplane building a bit? Right now, we are planning to depart MI in late May, visit some folks in MS, TX, some museums accross the SW, then into Socal early in June. Do you think we might visit with you then?

    2. LHH
      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for your offer.
      I have watched the HP-24 project for some time, very nicely done.
      I was looking for a smallish sailplane to self launch as it is almost two hours to the nearest glider port.
      Windex is a proven design, but never took off. I think it was because the cost was over $50K for the kit in the 1990's.
      Original owner says all molds have been stored properly and nothing has been damaged in any way.
      They may not have every part, but have these pieces:
      Fuselage, upper and lower part
      Wing skins, right and left. upper and lower
      Vertical and horisontal tail plane parts
      No spars
      These moldings are approx 2 years old but have been stored properly, and represent all the BIG moldings needed
      (there may also be some smaller parts)

      If I design a similar plane, My guess is CNC foam molds would cost around $15,000 for everything.
      Am I in the ballpark for CNC foam molds?

      Any input or thoughts would be appreciated,
    3. BoKu
      Thanks for the note, and for your kind words! Dick was a marvel of ingenuity and positive thinking and positive _doing_.
    4. BJC
      Although not a glider pilot (yet), I have liked the HP designs since I saw Dick Schreder walking up the wing of his HP-18 at Oshkosh, or, perhaps, Rockford. I still have some notes that I took way back then about bonding aluminium to the ribs.

      I am glad that you have continued to improve the HP series.

    5. Mohanakannan
      Hello BoKu

      This is Mohan, Thanks for your views on the leading edge sheet stress. I have just gone through the link you have attached with the reply. I am just curious to know more about your project. How far is the kit now, Is it flying already.

      By the way to introduce myself I am an Aeronautical engineer by profession, working for Airbus and Planning to work on some projects in the near future :)

      Thanks & Regards
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    Douglas Flat, CA
    Current / Future projects:
    Aircraft development and manufacture
    Tapered carbon fiber wings for RV-6, RV-7, and RV-8
    Past Projects:
    Sailplane enthusiast

    Aircraft development


    Bob Kuykendall
    HP-24 Kit Sailplane
    HP-24 Kit Sailplane Facebook Page
    EAA Technical Counselor
    "Homebuilt aviation is not for folks
    who won't try stuff at home."
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