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home built

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  1. N

    Aircraft moving .

    I had a Christavia moved last week . Had a guy with a 28 foot enclosed trailer haul it. He hauled it from southern California to the middle of Nebraska for 2100 $ He is looking to do more of this kind of work . I know there are a lot of times a project would have gotten purchased but the cost...
  2. Sree

    Need Help With Building a Two Seater Trike/Ultralight

    Sorry!! I moved it to another category since i realized it belongs there better. I cant find a delete option. Sorry about that.
  3. S


    2009 ARION LIGHTNING • $69,500 • PRICE SLASHED • Experimental Amateur Home Built. Meets Light Sport Operating Parameters. 65-TT, Jabiru 3300 120-HP Engine, Complete Logs, NDH, Conditional Inspection Performed JAN 2013, Hangared at 60J in NC. 30 Gallons Fuel Capacity, Extended Wingtips, Speed...
  4. K

    1992 Rand Robinson KR2 project 95% complete.

    I have a 1992 KR2 project for sale. The plane is on tri-gear and needs very little to fix. It has 1835 HAPI VW with electric start. Prop, spinner, flaps, wheel pants (no front pant), canopy and frame (needs finished and installed), front cowling and front deck (both need finished and installed)...
  5. T

    Weedhopper CAD drawn plans

    CAD drawn plans available for the Model 40 and the 2 Place Weedhopper ultralights. Taking orders now. The files can either be emailed or sent on a CD. For more details check out my website. Most detailed Weedhopper Plans available
  6. J

    Completed 2/3 scale P-38 prototype

    I have my fathers home built 2 place 2/3 scale P-38 that has been stored in a hangar at Gross Ile airport, Mi. since his fatal accident. It isn't considered a replica because the cowling has been modified for custom build A-frame radiators and the canopy was modified so the passenger can face...
  7. G

    Avionics Seminar for Builders-Wadsworth, OH-September 8, 2012

    EAA Chapter 846 is pleased to announce that we will host an Avionics Seminar at Wadsworth Skypark Airport Saturday, Sept. 8, beginning at 8 am. This type of avionics program has never been offered in the Cleveland, OH, area and should help increase homebuilders' knowledge in this part of their...
  8. T

    Bush Style wheels On Hi-Max with 503 dcdi

    Check out some mods I did to a Hi-Max I owned. This was built by Gail Bean from PA. This plane flew great after these mods. I installed a 503 DCDI in place of the 447 SCSI. I removed the 15x5x6 wheels and tires and installed 22x12x8 tires with 8 inch wheels. Here is a short video of her...
  9. Harley


    Hey Guys,:ban: First off don't laugh I didn't spend alot of time drawing these up, there more for getting an idea on a page. The 3 images are different ideas of the same project, and I am looking for your corrective criticism for scale and size of different parts. Of course there are no...