Avionics Seminar for Builders-Wadsworth, OH-September 8, 2012

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    EAA Chapter 846 is pleased to announce that we will host an Avionics Seminar at Wadsworth Skypark Airport Saturday, Sept. 8, beginning at 8 am. This type of avionics program has never been offered in the Cleveland, OH, area and should help increase homebuilders' knowledge in this part of their build. Seating will be limited.

    Attendees will have the opportunity to meet representatives from Aerotronics, Inc., Garmin, Dynon, Grand Rapid Technologies, TruTrak, and Advanced Flight Systems. In a few cases, the owners of the companies will be attending. Hands-on demos will be available and short workshops will be held throughout the day.

    Pilots who are already flying and want to see the latest upgrades are also invited to attend. There might also be some pilots who did not build their RV, buying an experienced aircraft, and want a better understanding of all things electrical. This seminar should provide answers for everyone.

    For more information and registration, please go to http://www.846.eaachapter.org/avionicsseminar.htm. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Gary Baker
    President, EAA Chapter 846
    RV-6 Finish Kit

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