For Sale 1992 Rand Robinson KR2 project 95% complete.

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Jun 25, 2009
Pawnee Rock, Ks
I have a 1992 KR2 project for sale. The plane is on tri-gear and needs very little to fix. It has 1835 HAPI VW with electric start. Prop, spinner, flaps, wheel pants (no front pant), canopy and frame (needs finished and installed), front cowling and front deck (both need finished and installed), needs tank and interior. Plane is setup for dual stick. Plane has hydraulic brakes with it (need installed). Wings need finished sanded and primered and painted. Motor is zero time, dual plug. I have nearly everything to finish plane. Due to recent medical problems, I'm not going to be able to fly this plane.

I'm asking $14000 or best offer, send me an email at with your phone number or I'll email you mine.