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  1. DaveD

    1-Up Concept Design

    Life's been getting in the way for the last few years which has slowed work on my Project-Ex idea to less than a crawl... but the dream of a composite pusher has still been bubbling away. After some napkin doodling I've been toying with the idea of a single seat, mostly Carbon Fibre craft that...
  2. compair

    New Member: Comp Air Aviation

    Hello, New member here, but longtime kit builder and manufacturer. We are a kit aircraft manufacturer based out of Titusville, Florida. We are happy to be part of the community here, and offer support as needed.
  3. R

    STOL Inspired Composite Ultralight

    Hiya homebuilt, long time listener, second time caller here! The first time I came around here asking about help with the design of a pie-in-the-sky electric canard for a bachelors final project. We were able to laminate a partial canard spar and do a bunch of hotwire cutting after spending a...
  4. recmob

    For Sale: Searey 'B' Hull (ONLY), Fiberglass $4000.00

    If your repairing a Searey and need a hull, I have this 'B' hull available. This is not the most current hull style available from the factory, and requires a bit more skill to operate on water. Best if you already have time in a 'B' hull... however you would save significantly over the cost...
  5. M

    Microgravity Composite Canard Wing

    Hello, I've created this post because a mate and me are developing a project for our titulation. The project consist in developing a wing (2000mm of wingspan) for a canard airplane that is planned to be used for microgravity experiments. It will be dropped vertically from a certain altittude...
  6. SVSUSteve


    These are the books I have available if anyone needs me to look something up in them. The ones marked with an asterisk (*) are hard copy only. Thurston: Design for Flying* Thurston: Design for Safety* (I keep joking that I need to write an updated version of this) A. J. Kundu: Aircraft Design...
  7. birdus

    Do I need longerons?

    For a fuselage (mostly tubular in shape) which will be made from carbon fiber/foam sandwich, is there any particular need for longerons? Thanks, Jay
  8. qartveli

    Lizi single seat fiberglass experimental aircraft

    Hi to all members and visitors this is our first aircraft which was designed and built from the scratch paper Tech. Specifications Lenght-4,9m Wing span-7m Wing area-7msq Dry Weight-255kg (should be 180kg) Engine-Hirth F23E (dual ignition with injection)...
  9. P


    Not that I'll ever do this but I want to start a discussion on the difficulty or feasibility and ways of pressurizing a small homebuilt aircraft. Specifically a composite construction aircraft 2-4 place.
  10. S

    Joining Composite Tubes

    Hi All, I'm looking to build a truss structure from fiberglass tubes. I haven't seen a lot on how to join pieces together. Most of the stuff I have seen is about extending a tube using an insert. In Solidworks, one can miter a joint to make them fit well together. My current thoughts is to do...
  11. M

    Wing (construction)

    Dear members, I have problem with optimization constructing of wing. My problem: Insufficient rigidity of the console Heavy weight So I have idea - change classical wing spar to Oblique ribs or Indirect spar. I desined my idea into cad model. You can download this link My question: Was...
  12. M

    Composite Project For Sale: how do you determine the construction quality?

    Within the last week I've came across several composite aircraft that are 3/4 of the way completed. I'm considering buying one, but don't know how to determine the build quality. The current state is that the surfaces need attaching, primer and paint, a few instruments, the engine, and...
  13. M

    Introduction - Iowa (The Hawkeye State)

    I guess I'll start here. I'm new to this forum. I am interested in building an aircraft someday. I have a long term goal of building a dragonfly MKII. I came across some cheap plans on ebay the other day and decided to purchase them as a little birthday gift to myself. I also have a 65' corvair...
  14. DaveD

    Minimum Composite Thickness/Layup

    I'm suprised there isn't already a thread on this, but I couldn't find one specifically. Digging around in other threads I found a few suggestions for minimums but there is obviously a degree of personal preference. Here's what I've come up with: Glass (GRP): Billski mensions 3×7oz UNI...
  15. C

    Glasair RG project

    Looking for Glasair RG project, any condition, missing parts OK. Email us at [email protected] any info on your project. Need ASAP.
  16. A

    Wooden ribs and composite skin wings

    Hi, Newbie here! Having read the Rutan "Moldless" method of composite construction some time ago (1980's) and more recently, I have some questions. Sorry if this idea has been beaten to death before but I've read most of the threads and have not seen it. Could the wings be made as molded skins...
  17. A

    Composite upper wing structure

    Hello, and thank you for viewing my question. Just a query I have regarding composites (has to be manufacturing using carbon/epoxy, 0/90 degree orientation) When designing a composite wing skin, to stiffen it, I propose to either have thicker geometry, insert a core (not sure which one) or...
  18. W

    Composite Aircraft Design and CAD

    Ok, this is my first post so here I go! I am currently in the process of designing my own aircraft. Here is a link to see it in its conceptual state, I'll add a video tomorrow maybe. Airplane - Imgur I modeled this on 3DS Max and is actually my first model using that program (I usually use...
  19. S

    Composite Materials for sale

    Description: 75 yd roll of 5.8 ounce S Glass retails for $16.50 per yd. Price at appx $11.00 per yd. See links for descriptions. #4533 S-GLASS CLOTH 5.8 OZ. 60 WIDTH from Aircraft Spruce 70 yd roll of carbon fiber Fabric 4 harness satin 49" 3k 5.5oz. Retails $35.00per yd. Appx price listed...
  20. G

    Tough Protective Clear Film Used on Autos

    In Texas dust storms can literally sand blast a cars paint job so protective films are available to avoid some expensive paint jobs. After my son's Aston Martin Vanquish got sand blasted a $20K paint job was done followed up by $3K protective film job. Another benefit is his groundskeeper also...