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  1. A

    Flush Pulled Rivets and Polished Aluminum

    I am in the planning stages of building a Thatcher CX5, to be finished "in the bright" as it were. The design calls for pulled rivets and I really like the look of dimpled rivets, which would also be more compatible with the act of polishing the sheet aluminum than would a simpler set of...
  2. S

    Repair of compromised Longeron

    Hello All, I'm the proud owner of a new Sonex. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the previous owner's work. In a few instances, he redrilled holes next to others and near edges, seriously compromising the structural integrity of the piece (in this case, horizontal stabilizer spar)...
  3. S

    Comparing metal and alloys

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but a really nice site for comparing metals and alloys is here. You can compare any metal, the linked example shows 2024-T4 and 6061-T6.
  4. B

    Various beginner questions

    What is the most complete book about design/theory and construction of a aircraft? Doesnt have to be gear toward a certain type of aircraft. Lots of graphics preferred. As far as aircraft aluminum for the wings, spar, frame, fuselage etc..., what type of aluminum is used? Where can this...
  5. R


    Non-Vented, Solid Aluminum, Compatible with aviation fuels and auto gas. Machined from solid aluminum. The bottom of the cap is secured to the bottom of the ring by a safety chain to prevent loss of the cap in flight. Mounting ring flange is 1/8" thick. Ring opening is 2-5/8" dia. Overall dia...
  6. Orrem31

    Neat engineering youtube channel

    I found Real Engineering and really like it. The about says "Interesting answers to simple questions." I like it. Most of his work thus far has been aviation and space related. The Material That Changed The World is the latest video... -jeff
  7. B

    Using glue for aluminium to suppliment rivets. Ever done it?

    So, why not use glue to AS WELL as rivets to hold an aluminum truss together. It can only make things stronger without adding any significant weight, right? Ever done it?
  8. dougwanderson

    new build looking for clecos and tools books.

    Planning on starting new project. Looking for your unwanted clecos and sheetmetal tools and any books dvds on sheet metal aircraft work. Thanks: Doug
  9. proppastie

    Aluminum Built UP Spar Question

    For manufacturing and weight considerations, (I do not want to bend .04 2024-t3) I am considering a built up spar c-channel web with separate riveted flanges as shown in the attached file. Shown is the compression top cap, web, flange, and flat caps. Rivets are not shown. Would anyone like...
  10. G

    New 2014 Lightweight 1.5 Liter or Smaller Automotive Engines

    Visitor's to the USA might just find cars which are common in their home country. In fact to most older American's roller skates on steroids might be more appropriate. Looking at the 2014 auto offerings there appears to be some likely candidate for conversion. In their effort to meet upcoming...
  11. R

    Composite airframe kits??

    I have been doing some research on different kits and am finding little with composite airframe and am wondering why that is. Is purely cost? Can someone give me some links to some kits that use composites? Thanks in advance.
  12. ultralightlord

    All aluminum ultralight

    Have seen a post on this site about my particular subject. What I want to do is build a business from the ground up making and selling all aluminum licensed and safety meeting ultralights. The first step i figure is a model of the working full size ultralight that I want to industrialize...
  13. G

    I Have A Dream - Tandem seat, Low Wing, Single Engine, All Aluminum

    I work in a metal fabrication shop. I have nearly unlimited access to square tube and sheet aluminum. My dream is to build a Single engine, Tandem Seat, Low Wing airplane of welded aluminum tubing and riveted sheet aluminum. The fusalage would be fairly square with two open cockpits like a...
  14. B

    All aluminum tube Aerobatic

    Good evening everyone. I have a plan in the design process to build a personal design. It will be a light sport type experimental. The plan is to build the entire structure out of aluminum tube. I apologize for no drawing at the moment but it resembles something like a 70% scale super...
  15. P

    Is this aluminum OK to use???

    I'm starting construction on a scratch-built metal airplane. I have some sheets of 2024 T3 which has been sitting in my garage for years and I'm not sure whether I should use the stuff (refer to attached photo). It never got wet and the metal doesn't seem to be pitted. I haven't tried...
  16. M

    Sheet aluminum with nomex core 48"x122"x3/8" structural

    Up for sale sheet of Sheet aluminum with nomex core 48"x122"x3/8" structural aircraft flooring can be used any were strength stiffness and weight are a concern . The outside skin is 7075 -t6 aprox .016 thk top skin .010 bottom skin aluminum with nomex core each sheet weighs aprox 10lb...
  17. mz-

    6082 Tubing

    Opinions? It sits between 6063 and 6061 in strength. What's more important, it is much more available than 6061. Specs for T6 all: 6061: MatWeb - The Online Materials Information Resource 6082: MatWeb - The Online Materials Information Resource 6063: MatWeb - The Online Materials Information...