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Jun 28, 2010
Bangor, Maine
Hi Seaplane Friends:

I'd like to direct your attention to a current attempt to raise funds for Washington Seaplane Pilots Association in settling an ongoing access issue. With invasive species as the underlying cause for the restrictions (the West coast organizations have been extremely proactive in this regard) the case carries a high importance to be solved correctly. If lost, the case could easily be used as precedent in further limiting of seaplane access across this nation.

It's a fairly long read - but please take the time to do so and consider sending some financial support to WSPA. The latest information is that the paypal donation system is not functioning properly, and checks are probably preferred due to the fact that paypal charges incredulous fees. The address is included in the thread.

Read the thread here: Information on Seaplaneforum.com and find the return link to HBA in our Links section towards the bottom of the forums.



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