For Sale Ultralight Parasol J-4 Sportster 95% RTF

Discussion in 'For Sale & Wanted' started by Victor Bravo, Dec 12, 2019.

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    Victor Bravo

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    Got two airplanes recently, decided to keep the more difficult one (fits my mission better) and sell the one that is possibly more desirable to somebody (who wants a Part 103 legal ride but also wants a real steel tube airplane).

    This is a Jesse Anglin / Hipp's Superbirds J-3 Kitten that has been converted to the later model J-4 Sportster. The Kitten was a little mini-Cub looking cabin monoplane, and the Sportster is the same airplane converted to an open parasol. It is a traditional steel tube fuselage and tail, and a tradittional all-wood "built up" wing. Wood spars, stick ribs. Covered in stewart Systems, Cub yellow. Paint is 6.5 to 7.5 out of 10 depending on your preference.

    This one has been done as a "bobber" style, without the turtledeck and an open rear fuselage. It looks very similar to the Legal Eagle and would definitely meet the same mission and usage.

    It can be converted back to the original Sportster look (very reminiscent of a Baby Ace) by building a light wood turtledeck and covering the rear fuselage. But it's really cool the way it is now as a bobber.

    It has a Rotax 277 engine, wood propeller, hydraulic brakes, and instruments. All the systems need to be cleaned up, "gone through", and IRAN.

    The J-3 to J-4 conversion is 80-90% complete. It still needs the following tasks completed:

    Finish converting the aileron control system over from J-3 to J-4. This may take a little welding, and definitely a different cable routing. Not a huge project but not a lazy afternoon either.

    Weld on new steel wing root attachment bolt tabs to the upper cabane and keel tube assembly. The way they started to do it was ill-advised and does not match the J-4 design change. Not a biggie, just fabricate and weld. new tabs over the existing steel fitting.

    Mount the fuel tank and route the fuel hoses, valves, filter, etc.

    I'd put better quality wheels on it that are lighter and more aircraft-ish.

    It is up on Barnstormers now for 7500, and yes HBA people will do a little better on price. However, this is a somewhat rare and desirable airplane. A real old-school steel tube and fabric airplane with full 3 axis control that actually meets Part 103. It is not going to be sold at a give-away price.

    HAS cowlings, tails, ailerons, etc. that are not in the photos. No AWC, N number, or paperwork.

    DSC00461.JPG DSC00466.JPG DSC00469.JPG DSC00470.JPG DSC00476.JPG DSC00481.JPG DSC00484.JPG DSC00490.JPG
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