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Nov 1, 2018
Downham Market, Norfolk, UK.
Ive just found out that the LMA forum on Yahoo has suffered the same fate, as Ive got my build log going already in 'Tube & Fabric" Ive steered them to HBA.
Its not a huge group, so general build info should be a great help, as the LMA kits no longer have 'factory support'.


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Sep 15, 2013
Seattle, WA
Question: When do the Yahoo groups have to clear out? How long do they have?
The message from Yahoo says,

"Attention: Starting December 14, 2019 Yahoo Groups will no longer host user created content on its sites. New content can no longer be uploaded after October 28, 2019. Sending/Receiving email functionality is not going away, you can continue to communicate via any email client with your group members."

Here's a link to a FAQ regarding the change.

This is key:

"What features will go away?

  • Files
  • Polls
  • Links
  • Photos
  • Folders
  • Calendar
  • Database
  • Attachments
  • Conversations
  • Email Updates
  • Message Digest
  • Message History"
Sounds like all that will be supported will be emails without attachments. You'll be able to ask and answer questions, but won't be able to add pictures or diagrams to illustrate solutions. There will also not be an online repository of the email conversations.

It sounds to me like Yahoo Groups is just going to turn into an email server to distribute emails to multiple members; no further support will be provided.

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Tony Spezio

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Sep 18, 2019
In have a question, what is HBA, would it be Home Built Association. Just guessing.