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    thank you for information about Roncz3 aircraft
    Dear Friend
    My Name is Yasser AlJazzar , I am businessman from Saudi Arabia, to introduce I am working hard to build helicopter two seats , 8 seats , helicopter , ambulance helicopter, it could be rescue or ambulance .
    Can you design 2 seat helicopter and 8 seat helicopter to me looking forward to hear from you
    My private email
    [email protected]
    In the Roncz3 preadsheet I got a value of 32.44 in yaw dampening. This value seams out of wack from the expected output. Since none of the experts want to address this on the forum I was wondering if this is just a glitch in formula. Could you look at my output and tell me what you think?


    rtfm... Glad to make your aquaintance. I too am looking to put a BMW engine into a trike however. My interest is the Airborne frame with a K1200GT engine. It's water cooled, and I have all the electronics. How goes your search? ...do you have any contacts for a reduction drive? ...What are your thoughts so far?
    So what's up with the Friends feature of the forum? One message to all?
    Hmm good question, but I have no idea, one visitor message, and another dozens PM, that's how it works.

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