Rotor hub for pulley end

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Apr 19, 2017
Hirwaun, Aberdare, S.Wales, UK.

Regarding the various VW ignition and starting methods under discussion, the attached illustration shows what Mike is engaged in building. The image shows the prototype Flitzer Z-1in formation with two Flitzer Z-1K Goblins. Two of the Flitzers are shown with typical VW motor installations in their signature bullet cowls, while the Goblin at upper left is equipped with a Verner 5V radial. The prototype Z-1 is still airworthy and the two Goblins illustrated are two of three now under construction in N. America with others commencing elsewhere.

The Goblin is the smallest and simplest of the Flitzers series featuring an all-flying rudder in a no-frills airframe. It spans 16'10" and is about 13' in length, depending on engine installed.Schwerin Schloss am See image2 (1).JPGSchwerin Schloss am See image2 (1).JPG