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Gregory Perkins

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May 25, 2019
If you are moving and copying thousands of files and folders for organization among different logical drives etc there is a File Manager more powerful than what comes with Windows called
---------- When I am searching for a part of a file name in any part of the hard drive because you dont know where you put the file and are trying to locate it, a Disk Manager called TOTAL COMANDER is the most powerful.
------------ As mentioned earlier, a great image manager and editor is IRFANVIEW. BTW it reads TIF blueprint files very well.
-------------Right now I am of the opinion that the 2D version of TurboCad is the best deal for the best functioning introductory and intermediate CAD program. I looked at at least a dozen other programs to arrive at that conclusion.
------------ For me, the best Word Processing program is something called Open Office Writer that can read and write in MicroSoft Word format or its own format. I have been using that program for about 20 years now after I quit using Microsoft Word.