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May 24, 2021
Hello good day to you all, I would like to present my airplane project to you the DAC RangeR which started back in 2000. When DAC (Dutch Aeroplane Company) was founded to develop a sport airplane to exploit the advantages of a Turbo Diesel engine that has good performance figures, is safe to operate, is affordable with low operating costs. The higher weight of such engine is largely compensated due to the less amount of fuel needed in flight. (cruise consumption 10 Ltr/hour) and is quick to build when purchased as a building kit airplane. The structural design was performed by Martin Hollman of AIRCRAF DESIGNS. (ADI California).

We started by building the production tooling, and they were used to build the prototype airplane which made its first flight in 2006, and received the CofA in 2010. Unfortunately I developed Parkinson disease around that time and a couple of years later lost my pilot license. Due to the loss of finance starting with the financial crisis in 2008 the aircraft never came in production.

The owners have reached their retirement age and are willing to sell DAC for any reasonable offer, for more information see