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Aug 2, 2021
Some interesting conversations on this forum...
I am seriously looking at purchasing a Hummel H5 in kit form in the new year. Problem right now is the cost of freight and time it takes to get to our part of the world!
I have never been involved in building a metal plane, however am well versed in the use of wood/ply construction. It will be a retirement project for me...
One question I have at this stage is, priming. I would feel comfortable if I primed all parts that come together - rivet lines etc. A hand held spray can would suit this purpose!
I see on Utube videos from the Hummel factory that do not prime at all! In fact not many builder seem to do so...
Of course, if I was to speak to an aircraft engineer i'm sure he/she would throw their hands up in horror at the idea of NOT priming.
Your comments appreciated.
Thanks, Kiwi John


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Jan 19, 2010
Mojave, Ca
There is an entire sub forum on the VAF forum that deals with "never ending debates".

"Priming" is one of the bigger subjects.

Go over there and have a read - it is debated with religious fervor. Im sure you can find someone who offers justification for whatever bias you have.

And no, I dont prime aluminum on homebuilt airplanes, generally.