Could floats be this simple in an UL ?

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Gregory Perkins

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May 25, 2019
I think at some point after you have optimized your pontoon design that you consider scaling it up to use only one larger one as the boat hull. At the larger size there may be some economies of scale that might allow increases in strength which are greater than increases in weight.
Just attach the wings and engine to the float and away you go. There was an early French design that used only flat panels that I always thought would be easy to build by making the panels with foam or honeycomb sandwiched between a composite fabric with resin.

Here is a photo gallery featuring this plane.

note that the sides of the hull appear to dip down an inch or two which would provide similar directional stability as a V-Hull while retaining the lower required power to reach up over the hump to planeing speed. ( at the expense of rough water immunity )