Competition Aircraft customer service praise!


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Jan 12, 2020
Let me start off by saying that I have an oddball cuyuna 215 with a belt reduction drive with oddball 4 bolt 3 1/8” center to center 3/8 hole prop flange and called around to see if there was a suitable propeller available. First I called aircraft spruce and was transferred to a tech that could only tell me to fill out and online form with all dimensions or contact an a&p mechanic. I decided to give competition aircraft a call since I have an old ultra prop 1 that I was thinking about making a prop flange adapter for. The guy on the other basically walked me through my options about everything that I could do to my existing setup without having to buy anything other than a different set of pitch blocks ($20 for 2 sets). I was fully prepared to buy a 2 blade hub but he told me that I could simply use my 4 blade hub and omit the other 2 blades and hardware. He reminds me of what customer service was back before the internet. Had a detailed answer for every question that I had. Didn’t rush through anything and didn’t try to talk me into anything that I didn’t need. I hope to deal with these people again it the future.