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  1. S

    Rotax 503 gear replacement

    Hi, For my motorglider I acquired a 58x36 2 bladed propeller. According to calculations I was given with it it should produce about 756N (roughly 165lbs of thrust). The engine will easily overrew if not monitored even on the ground. I was looking into official recommended prop sizes for my...
  2. S

    Can you help ID this prop?

    Mini-Coupe prop, does anyone know this prop emblem please?
  3. N

    Ultralight questions

    Hi, I am fairly new to the world of ultralights and I have a few questions I was hoping you could answer about an ultralight I would be hoping to base my own project off. (Some of them are probably very stupid) All of my questions refer to the Quicksilver MX Sport...
  4. L

    Competition Aircraft customer service praise!

    Let me start off by saying that I have an oddball cuyuna 215 with a belt reduction drive with oddball 4 bolt 3 1/8” center to center 3/8 hole prop flange and called around to see if there was a suitable propeller available. First I called aircraft spruce and was transferred to a tech that could...
  5. MauleOwner

    Sensenich Reconditioned - 74DM7-0-54

    FS: Sensenich Reconditioned - 74DM7-0-54 This prop was installed and flown after being reconditioned by Fix-Prop Shop located in Lincoln, Nebraska. No nicks or dings on blades. Buyer responsible of shipping. Asking $1,700 OBO.
  6. MauleOwner

    Sensenich Reconditioned - M76AM-2-50

    FS: Sensenich Reconditioned - M76AM-2-50 This prop was installed and flown after being reconditioned by Fix-Prop Shop located in Lincoln, Nebraska. No nicks, dings or scratched on blades. Pics available on request. Buyer responsible of shipping. Asking $1,700 OBO.
  7. R

    New constant speed propeller for Rotax 912/Jabiru 3300

    Hello all During the development of the AXSport carbon fibre aerobatic LSA we had to build a few propellers for these aircraft. First wood, then ground adjustable carbon. This led over the past few years into the AXSport Aviation constant speed propellers. Developed for the Rotax 912/914 and...
  8. H

    Xfoil -> Qmil?

    Hi, I'm sorry to post such a technical question on my first post, but I need help. I am running attempting to run a propeller simulation, using the polars from xfoil as inputs into Qmil, however I am getting odd results and wondering if I need to adjust the polars from xfoil as they are...
  9. Skypilot1961

    440 Kawasaki PSRU design, parts, plans, sources

    I'm scratch building a PSRU for a recently acquired Kawasaki 440, water cooled, oil injected, dual carb engine. It's going to be used in a RagWing RW6 (absolutely love this plane!!!). Would really appreciate any help in choosing the proper drive ratio (thinking 2.9 to 1) as well as prop...
  10. H

    "slowdown" or "blockage" in prop design

    I have been a heretic on this subject for quite a while. Most prop designers compensate for "slowdown" of the inbound stream resulting from the body behind the tractor prop (prop in front of cowl). I think that this is very poorly understood and that the designers are missing a lot. This post...
  11. G

    Under-camber in Propellers?

    When I had a boat + 2 boys, the fellow at the propeller rebuilding shop mentioned "do you want to cup this prop". Sorry, I don't know what your talking about. He then said it would improve my take-off without downsizing the pitch which it did. I can't remember whether top end WOT changed if it...
  12. C

    Optimal Propeller design, using particle-swarm-optimization - anyone want to join in?

    I've "wasted" 4 months writing code that's able to automatically improve things (in this case - airfoils), and found that I'm able to create airfoils that XFoil suggests will perform 200% better than the real (existing) ones I've scanned in and compared (I've got a 3D scanner). I'm keen to...
  13. C

    Batch-starting Xfoil & how to account for scale?

    I'm looking to "search" for an ideal set of airfoils for use in a Prop, using a genetic algorithm, and to 3D-Mill the results to compare prediction with reality. I've got the shop setup, and I'm an ace programmer, but I'm having a bit of trouble working out how to manage the "unit chord" idea...
  14. K

    New Gyro parts for Immediate sale !!

    We bought the following gyro parts for building a gyrocopter as a college project.But we couldn't complete the project because of funds and time shortage and never assembled these parts.All these parts are new in box and rotor is packed in wooden crating. RH230 Rotor + Rotor Hub + Single...
  15. K

    6" Propeller Extension

    6" Propeller Extension (SAE-1). Part off of a Lycoming O235 (125 hp). Asking $225.00. Pictures below. Email for more information. Thanks, Kevin
  16. K

    70" Variable-Pitch IVOPROP Propeller

    Black. Left-Hand Turning "Pusher" Variable-Pitch Magnum Propeller. 70" IVOPROP. Retail $1050.00. Asking $450.00. Call for more information: Kevin L. King, Owner - located Anaheim, CA USA • Telephone: 714-863-5600 . 714-981-6403 . 714-630-5171
  17. H

    Testing a New Prop Design, first installment

    Testing the Prince Elliptical Prop I welcome your comments, of course.
  18. M

    Low HP Variable Pitch Propeller

    Hi All, Im looking for alternatives for a variable pitch prop for low horsepower engine (40 - 65 hp). Anyone have any good suggestions? What Ive found so far: Neuform - for CT Air-contact - since dissapeared as has Kiev... Or just the hub? Thanks! Matthew
  19. Pytoche

    My Home made propeller design software + Download + Video + Tutorial

    This is my video tutorial about how to design, built and test a propeller with no money! in the video, i am the guy with black t-shirt. Application: I also made an application for windows and Mac that helps you to find an aproximate static thrust, angles, diameter, rpm and chord for begin...
  20. H

    Propeller design and characteristics

    I am interested in designing a propeller, but cannot find much programs that can simulate propeller performances. I have seen programs like Javafoil before, but it has limited number of deviations and airfoils. Does anyone know of any programs where I can change the properties of the...