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Will Aldridge

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Oct 30, 2009
Northern Utah
I bought a kitfox and it needs some work and money to be airworthy so I'm selling off some books and plans i nolonger have a use for. Price is based on what i checked on Amazon minus about 25%. Shipping included in price.

Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach: Raymer $80

Aircraft Structures: David Peery $15

Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students: Megson $40

Airplane Performance Stability and Control: Perkins & Hage $25

Analysis & Design of Flight Vehicle Structures 1973 ed.: Bruhn $160

Composite Airframe Structures: Michael Niu $50

Fluid Dynamic Drag: Hoerner $75

Modern Aircraft Design I & II : Martin Hollmann. $40

Stress Without Tears: Tom Rhodes. $20


Thatcher CX4 $275 ($360 new)
Skypup $50
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