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Bensen Gyro Project Parting Out

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Oct 29, 2009
Canton, MA/USA
Hi everyone--I have a Bensen gyro project for sale/part out. It has a 72hp McCulloch 4 cylinder engine which has not been started in a number of years--looks decent, turns over nicely and has good compression. The magneto cover and cover clamp are missing. The prop is delaminating and needs replacement. The frame is black anodized aluminum in excellent condition but some of the bolts and nuts have some corrosion and should be replaced. It has an instrument panel but the instruments are toast. The wheels need new bearings. The sling seat only has a bottom frame and no top frame but I have a brand new seat tank that I think has 7 gal capacity. The twist grip throttle on the stick does not twist. I have a complete rotor head--the bearing seems fine but I would replace it for safety. The Bensen aluminum blades are in very good condition. Other than that it's perfect. Will part out the seat tank for $175, the rotor head for $250, the blades and rotor bar for $500 plus $50 to crate them (someone is sending me a deposit on the blades and hub bar--but call on this anyway in case it falls through), the engine for $450 plus $75 to crate it and the frame for $50--I will not ship the frame--all plus actual shipping or else make life easy for me and pick the stuff up. Better still, buy the whole shebang for $1250 (only if blade and hub bar purchase falls through). Located in Canton, MA (about 25 mins south west of Boston). Please call Stuart at 781-985-2775 preferred or email: stuleib at hotmail.com.