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  1. T

    Has anyone built their own personal flying machine?

    Hi there, I work for a television production company and I am currently doing some research into the exciting world of aviation. I am trying find stories of people who have built their own incredible and unusual flying machines and aircraft (or are still building), and was wondering whether...
  2. J

    1993 EJ22 RAF 200 GYROPLANE $22,500.00

    Dual controlled EJ22 RAF2000 GYROPLANE and custom built tilt-trailer. Trailer includes supports that allow for transport with rotors attached. Modifications included not found on standard EJ22: Rotor stabilator for electric roll trim. Rotor rpm assist,Subaru 130hp water cooled engine. Four blade...
  3. PatrickWensel

    African Bush Gyrocopter

    Hi All! My family and I are preparing to move to Tanzania in East Africa. We will be doing a variety of training and there is very little infrastructure for traveling the country. I am looking to build a 2 seater gyrocopter to transport myself and one other trainer to remote areas of the...
  4. GlassVampire

    Anyone recognize this homebuilt twin-rotor helo?

    Someone posted this on a FB page I'm a member of and we are trying to find more info about it. All we have is this pic, though supposedly it was built by someone in Africa (go figure) and has been flown (I"m somewhat dubious on that last feat). The rotors are articulated and both are powered...
  5. G

    Under-camber in Propellers?

    When I had a boat + 2 boys, the fellow at the propeller rebuilding shop mentioned "do you want to cup this prop". Sorry, I don't know what your talking about. He then said it would improve my take-off without downsizing the pitch which it did. I can't remember whether top end WOT changed if it...
  6. 8

    Bensen Gyro Project Parting Out

    Hi everyone--I have a Bensen gyro project for sale/part out. It has a 72hp McCulloch 4 cylinder engine which has not been started in a number of years--looks decent, turns over nicely and has good compression. The magneto cover and cover clamp are missing. The prop is delaminating and needs...
  7. A

    Thanks for the Welcome

    I have been doing research now for the past 10 years into the workings of the helicopter, and the Gyro plane. I now have the plan kit from Ron Herron to build one of his Little Wing tractor style Gyro. An accomplished metal machinist, welder, and in general engineering, I am looking forward to...