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  1. C


    Simple, vague, open ended questions. Which part/SECTION of the airplane should be constructed first? Which part/SECTION should be connected to the first part and the one after another till completion? (What part first from beginning to finish?) How should the fuselage be supported off the...
  2. B

    Various beginner questions

    What is the most complete book about design/theory and construction of a aircraft? Doesnt have to be gear toward a certain type of aircraft. Lots of graphics preferred. As far as aircraft aluminum for the wings, spar, frame, fuselage etc..., what type of aluminum is used? Where can this...
  3. Nemo

    J-3 Cub Cowl and Stromberg sa3 carb

    I am looking for a Piper J3 lower cowl and a Stromberg a3 Carb, for a C-85.
  4. S

    Airplane Hardware Kits and other aircraft needs

    Hey guys, I am Tyler over here at Spencer Aircraft and I know with a lot of those home built projects, you'll need the proper hardware to do so. If you call or email me ([email protected] 253.848.9349) we can get you set up with hardware kits for any project you need. Our shop is...
  5. B

    Magneto Parts

    Wanted to throw this our there for the group. I have had an individual donate boxes of Magneto Parts to us to help in the expenses of building our plane. Many of these parts are new and still in the box. Just finished going through all of them and based on the prices at aircraft spruce, its...
  6. S

    Next week: sale on custom CNC waterjet cutting

    Just a heads up before it happens: May 4-6 (Monday-Wednesday next week), Big Blue Saw will be having a sale on custom CNC waterjet cut parts. Aluminum 6061 and hot roll steel will both be on sale. Get ready for the sale by uploading your design to our online quoting system: Big Blue Saw Get a...
  7. Reiff

    Continental IO-550 / IO-520 Engine core

    Continental IO-550 / IO-520 core, including crankcase, crankshaft, cylinders, oil cooler, and starter motor. Not in working condition. May not be serviceable. Perfect for use as a mock-up engine, A&P training, or as a placeholder during aircraft construction. I purchased this run-out engine...
  8. Skypilot1961

    PSRU plans and parts sources for engines under 40 HP

    Hi fellow builders - Could we build a list of parts resources for building PSRU setups? The pulley's seem to be the most difficult to find short of paying top dollar for those being labeled for ultralight aircraft use.
  9. E

    EXPparts - Experimental Aircraft Parts

    EXPparts is open for business. We sell replica, experimental Piper Cub parts with inventory in other replicas coming soon. Tell your friends and check back often as inventory is expanded. See us at EXPparts Home Contact Todd at 208-599-2707 Cheers, EXPparts Media Relations
  10. R

    Quicksilver salvage aircraft or parts

    I am looking for salvage Quicksilver MX II aircraft or parts hopefully near Bakersville, NC. Please contact me direct at [email protected] Thanks Bob.
  11. R

    Used Quicksilver MX II parts

    I would like to locate salvage Quicksilver MX II aircraft or parts. Contact me direct at [email protected] Thanks Bob.
  12. Dudewanarace

    4 into 1 Exhaust

    This is sort of an odd ball, but figured maybe it might work other applications. This 4 into 1 exhaust is removed from my Lancair 360 with 250 hours on it. This system would not work with my new cowling, thus it had to go. Nothing wrong mechanically speaking. Great power and sounds awesome...
  13. P

    Rotec Panther help with tail Parts!

    Hi fellow plane lovers, I have a Body Shop in Auburn Wa., where I paint, complete, and restore cars. Plus any thing cool and unique like old 'gas pumps', 'airplanes', etc. The airplane bug bite me when I saw an 'RC airplane' in a pawn store and bought it for an investment, ended up flying it...
  14. I

    LOOKing for BD-5 project

    am looking for a BD-5 project to compleat. parts.
  15. S

    Aircraft Exhaust Systems

    A Few Of This Years Projects.... Custom 4 into 1 PVC Kit We Did many Radials.... M14-p Jacob 195 J5 Lyc 300 Wilga 3 Into 1's and cross-overs.... lyc 540 Performance Single Stack's Cross-over IO-360 Mufflers Check out our website and see what Sonic Headers Inc can do for you...
  16. S

    For Sale!!! ***Scavenged Parts from AVID AMPHIBIAN***

    Number Item Retail Price FOB Price Offered (2) Matco Wheels / Brakes $282 ea wheel 1/2 off (2) 8:00 X 6, 4/ply tube type $200 tire/tube ea free with wheels (4) Brake Master Cylinders...
  17. D

    Newest Aviation Classified site for you

    Aviation Recycle - Aviation Recycle If it Flies, Recycle It We have been online for a time and do have some items and planes listed. Visit us and send your friends and post your extras for sale or trade. Also visit out recycle aviation yahoo group. Just do a search for recyle aviation on yahoo...
  18. halfscalemustang

    quickie q2 prop

    I recently got ahold of a Quickie Tri-Q2 with a revmaster R2100 engine. Im new to building homebuilts and dont really know where to go to find parts. Specifically a prop. Is there such a thing as buying a pre-made wiring harness? I have several instruments, but none of them have pigtails off of...
  19. 8

    Bensen Gyro Project Parting Out

    Hi everyone--I have a Bensen gyro project for sale/part out. It has a 72hp McCulloch 4 cylinder engine which has not been started in a number of years--looks decent, turns over nicely and has good compression. The magneto cover and cover clamp are missing. The prop is delaminating and needs...
  20. B

    Do you have to prime in between parts?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some wisdom, from experienced builders: When you assemble alloy wing parts (say 2024-T3 for instance), is it important that all parts which are permenantly afixed together receive primer between them. My example is the spar cap strips and spar C-section. Will...