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Victor Bravo

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Jul 30, 2014
KWHP, Los Angeles CA, USA
This is an interesting little 33% complete airplane, the Bounsall Prospector. Very few built, but a perfectly good little VW powered runabout. I was trying to get the seller (family of the deceased, another old dead guy deal) to donate it to my EAA chapter, and they said they were interested, and then I saw that some auction house probably came in and insisted that they get to sell everything. So I am posting this here in hopes that one of you ne'er do well airport bums will snatch this up.

This Prospector project is a complete welded fuselage and tail, with a stack of wing ribs, landing gear, and not much else. Nothing rocket science about it at all, but it will make an awfully cute little airplane to go bounce around in. You can see severalphotos of one or two of these that were built on a simple google images search. Apparently it was designed to be comfortable for large pilots.

They also have a Piper Colt project and a bunch of other junk for auction.

Located AZ50, 30 miles south of Hoover Dam on the AZ side of the river. It's a beautiful little desert rat haven, very good dirt runway with a little pavement on the end IIRC. Big and wide enough to get a DC-4 in and out of with no problem. As I have mentioned about this airport previously, I know the guys there well, and I'd leave the "Bernie in 2020" bumper stickers off of your car if you go there to visit. Maybe wear your F-117 Nighthawk T-shirt that says "Black Aluminum Matters" instead.



Sep 29, 2020
Nice looking aircraft

VB do you know if this was a plans built ac?